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Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm Seeing Red

*Sigh* It's happened. I made a mistake while ordering our last stock of supplies. Now I've got a giant roll of red vinyl that is *JUST A SMIDGE* darker than what we usually carry. I'm always worried that this is going to happen every time I order supplies, and I check and check again. Should have checked a third time I suppose.

So, the question was: Suck it up and use it, or chuck it and start over.

I don't wanna do either. It's perfectly good vinyl, and the color isn't bad, just noticeably different than what we usually stock. However, it's not going to match any of our displays, so I would have to replace all of our samples that are cut in red for Comic Con, and I really don't want to have to edit ALL of our online listings. So, to make the best of a frustrating situation, David and I have decided to offer a super giant vinyl sale!

Get any and all of the decals in our shop (even the GIANT Zombie Outbreak Response Vehicle decal!) cut from this roll of red vinyl for only $4 plus shipping. Want something custom from this roll? Let me know, I'll make you a deal. Want to buy 10 or more decals from this color? Contact me first, and I'll make it even cheaper. Stock up for Christmas, cover your house with red polka dots, whatever you want!

The listing for all regular sized decals is here and the listing for the XL decals is here. The only difference is the cost of shipping!


  1. These decals are really cute. Each will definitely look cooler on trucks or any mobile. It's definitely a decal statement.

  2. When applying personalized stickers or decals to storefront windows or vehicle windows that are tinted, but i recommend that it be applied to the outside for better visibility.