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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I love inspiration!

We get inspiration for our decals from so many places, but mostly it happens at conventions. Those fantastic places where the nerds come out to play, and put all of their inhibitions aside. We were contacted by the Oklahoma Horror Film Festival a while back and asked to be a vendor at their show this year, and really, who can pass up an entire FESTIVAL centered around indie horror films? Not me. That's who.

We've already got a pretty good selection of horror themed decals, but there's always room for more, and so we set to work brainstorming for new additions. The first one is a lot of fun, and was made to work with some of our existing zombie decals, or as a stand alone.

I think David had fun making this one. It started out in our studio with his hand dipped in paint of different consistencies, and the image is actually made up of two separate hand prints. He cleaned the design up a bit to make it friendlier to our vinyl cutter. I can't wait to see how it's going to look on the back of our Jeep :D

The second new design inspired by this show is a little more girly. I've long lamented that we don't have a vampire themed decal. I'm a big fan of vampires, and one of my very early movie crushes was Gary Oldman as Dracula (young and sexy Vlad traipsing around London, not ancient Vlad with the bouffant). I can honestly say that the Twilight phenomena has completely passed me by, but I'm glad to see the love affair with vampires in American culture continues.

I'm getting more into designing multi colored layered decals, and having a lot of fun with it. I put one of these together the other night, and it's just adorable.

Both of these decals are in the horror section of our shop, and we hope to add a few more before the festival in two weeks!

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